View/Edit Content Type

View/Edit Content Type feature shows the classification of the Content Types and also allows the user to re-classify the Content Types and it's columns.

1. To launch SharePoint Information Organizer, please visit Launch SharePoint Information Organizer
2. Click on the View/Edit content type link from the homepage of the SharePoint Information Organizer. View/Edit Content Type page will appear as shown below with the classification of the Content Types,
3. The user can create new Content Types using this feature by clicking the 'Create Content Types' button from the View/Edit Content Type page. The Content Type creation page appears as show below,
4. On selecting a Content Type from the Classifier, the users are provided with options to add columns to Content Types.
5. On selecting 'Add from existing columns' option, the user can select multiple Site columns to add in the Content Types.
6. On selecting the 'Add from new site column' option, the user can create new Site Columns and add those columns in Content Types.
7. The user can also select multiple Content Types or multiple Site Columns for deletion. On deletion the Site Columns will be removed from the Content Types.