How to Export / Publish data?
The Export / Publish feature helps the user to export / publish report data generated by Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite to a file using various formats namely HTML/CSV/XLSX.
Click on   button in the report window or select Export option under File menu to export report data to a file in the desired format.


Specify a file name to export report data to. Specify the export path and select a desired file format. The path refers to the destination location where the output file generated should be stored. It can be given using the Browse button.

You can also publish the report data to a SharePoint library. Specify the file name, file format, SharePoint site URL, credentials and a library to publish the report.

In File Conditions specify a condition to overwrite or rename the report data file, if the file with the same name already exists in the export location or SharePoint library.