SharePoint Online Settings
Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite will use the SharePoint Online Settings to view reports for the specified site.
You can connect to a SharePoint site by clicking Configuration Settings -> SharePoint Online Settings in the Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite main application window, as shown below:
Select a tenant from already saved tenants in Tenant settings to use its settings and credentials
Select or Enter the SharePoint site URL and its credentials to view the reports for the site.
Select Federated Identity in Authentication Type combo to connect to a SharePoint site using federated identity configured using ADFS. Also, select this option to connect to Office 365 SharePoint Online configured using federated identity provider.

To connect to Office 365's SharePoint Online environment, you can use Web Single Sign-on option for both Cloud Identity (Office 365 Online User Credential e.g., and Federated Identity (configured via ADFS e.g.,
Upon clicking Next button to proceed, you will be prompted for credential (username and password) as shown below:
Provide ID and Password in the respective textboxes and click Sign in button to proceed.