Connection Manager - Introduction

External Data Connector for SharePoint uses a connection oriented interface to manage synchronization between data source and SharePoint. External Data Connector Connection Manager is the main application window which will help you manage connection and their corresponding history. It also provides menus and tools to work with the connections in a simple and elegant manner.

Standard menu bar:
Standard menu bar contain all the actions to work with a External Data Connector connection.
Connections pane:
Connections pane contains all the connections created by the user. Connection related operations such as Edit Connection, Copy Connection, Delete Connection and Run Now can be performed based on the selected connection in the Connections pane.
Connection details pane:
Connection Details pane will be displayed on cliking the Show Details on the selected connection. It displays the details about the currently selected Connection in Connections pane.
Connection history pane:
Connection History pane will be displayed on cliking the Show History on the selected connection. It maintains every Connection run information. It displays the required information about Connection result, start time, end time, elapsed time, error log and activity log.
On selecting the View Activity Log link in Connection history pane, a window will appear which displays the statistics summary of the corresponding instance like shown below,