Export Configuration

Dockit SharePoint Manger allows you to export the configuration information in order to share it with other users in your organization.

Dockit SharePoint Manager will appear as shown below:

Click on icon in the top right corner in App Database. The following will appear as shown below.

Select command in pop up. The following will appear as shown below.


  • Select the user to whom you’re going to share the configuration information. If the selected user belongs to SQL Server Authentication, it will act as a service account using which multiple Dockit SharePoint Manager applications will access the application database..
  • Select SharePoint Server(s) that you want to let the user generate reports against it.
  • Click Button to save the configuration file to the desired location.

    You can email the configuration directly to the intended recipient. Click option that will show you a dialog as shown below:

Dockit SharePoint Manager requires the SMTP Server name, From E-mail Address, To E-mail Addresses (recipients separated by semicolon).

Specify SMTP Server, From Address in the Email Settings page. Enter From Address, To address, Subject, Body of the email.

Click button to send the configuration file by email to the selected recipients.