Error Messages and Resolution
You may notice one or more of the error messages given below when using Dockit 365 Migrator to connect to Office 365 and perform an import . This is not an exhaustive compilation of all error messages, but an attempt to include as many known error messages and how to resolve the errors. Please refer Troubleshooting section for more information.
Error Message Resolution
The file or folder name contains invalid characters. Map the invalid characters (~#%&{}) into valid character using Folder & File Renaming Rules.
String was not recognized as a valid Date Time Ensure that the date value given in metadata file is in correct format. If the given date value format is different from the current system date time format, then specify the appropriate Date Time format mask to use in your import task.
Lookup ID not found Ensure that the given column value is available in the Lookup field reference list and column. Dockit 365 Migrator will search for the value in the corresponding column of the referenced list and assign the ID of the first item matching the column value to the lookup column of the imported file, only if the column value exists. Note: if the specified column value is of folder type, the ID of the folder will not be assigned.
User or Group ID not found Ensure that the given user or group name exists in the respective site. Unavailability of user or group name causes this error.
User ID not found Ensure that the given user name exists in the corresponding SharePoint Site. This error may occur if the specified user name does not exist.
Multiple User IDs found The user value specified to assign in SharePoint People / Group column must be unique in the SharePoint repository and Active Directory Services. This error may occur if the specified user value has multiple user entries with the same name in SharePoint.
Source folder or file not found Ensure that the given source Path is valid and available. Invalid or unavailable source paths will result in this error.
Content Type <name> could not be found in the library Ensure that the specified content type is available in the destination SharePoint library.