Dockit Introduction
How to install Dockit Server Agent?
Change Application Data folder location
How to uninstall Dockit?
How to register the software?
Technical support
Dockit Task Manager
Task Manager
Create a task
Edit an existing task
Run a task
Re-do Task
Incremental Task
Delete an existing task
Copy task
Reschedule task
Manage categories
Cleanup history
View task status
Task history
Dockit Tools
Dockit Template Manager
Test Dockit Server Agent
File Share Metadata Extractor
List Metadata Collator
Move Files
Dockit Features
File Share Migration
Import to SharePoint / Office 365 Libraries
Import to SharePoint / Office 365 Lists
Import to OneDrive for Business in Office 365
SharePoint Migration
Migrate Sites & Lists using Explorer mode
Migrate Sites & Lists using Batch file mode
How-to Guide
Import Document Versions
Create Document Sets
Function Builder
Rename Documents in file system
Adding new terms in managed metadata columns
Batch file structure
Metadata file structure
File structure for metadata update
Error Messages and Resolution