Permission Mapping Template

Dockit uses permission mapping template to assign new permission levels or replace unavailable permission levels with valid permission levels when migrating permissions for site / list / folder / item during content migration.

To create a new permission mapping template, Select New from the Templates Tools pane. The new template will appear and enter an unique name for the template as shown below:

Permission Mapping Template consists of following panes to configure permissions mapping:

  1. Source permissions list / load options pane
  2. Target permissions list / load options pane
  3. Mapped Permissions Pane

Dockit Permission mapping template enables you to select source permissions and target permissions from the list of default SharePoint permission levels as shown below:

Then, you have to select the appropriate source permissions levels from the source permissions list and select equivalent target permission level(s) to replace from the list of available target permission level(s). Then finally click button to map permissions.

Select All Permission Levels from source permission level(s) combobox to map all unresolved / unavailable permission levels from source SharePoint to a valid permission level in target SharePoint.

You also have the option to enter the permission levels(s) in the respective textboxes and finally click button to map the corresponding values. Once you click button, selected permissions are mapped and the mapped data is displayed in the permissions mapping pane as shown below: