Moving Source Files To Target Location

The 'Move Files' tool will help you to move the already imported source files and folders to the specified location. You can filter the files to be moved to the target location by specifying appropriate file options available in the tool.

1. Click Move Files from Dockit main screen


Or Select Move Files from Tools menu


2. The Move Files dialog appears as shown below.



Select File Options given below

  1. Move source folders and files that contain no warnings - Move source folders and files that were imported without any warnings.
  2. Move all source folders and files (ignore warnings) - Move source folders and files that were imported, but warnings may be reported in the 'File Errors' tab of the Activity Log Viewer dialog.
  3. Move all source folders and files (ignore errors and warnings) -  Move all source folders and files that were used to import. This option will move all the files regardless of their errors and warnings caused while importing into SharePoint. 

Specify a Target Location where the source folders and files are to be moved. You can also click browse ('...') button to launch folder browser dialog.

Note: Ensure that the user who invokes move process has sufficient permissions to delete folders and files in the source location and create them in the target location. 


Create target location if it does not exist - Automatically creates the folder structure if unavailable in the target location and proceeds with the file move process.


Delete files with the same name in the target location  - Overwrite files if the file with the same name already exists in the target location during the move process. By default, this option will be unselected, so as to ignore the file move if a file with the same name exists in the target location.


Click Move button to commence the move process.


Once the move process is complete, click Open Activity Log to view the activity log file.