File share Metadata Extractor

Dockit File share Metadata Extractor tool helps you generate an external metadata file with basic set of properties (Summary & Custom properties available in the file) in any of the Dockit supported file formats (say, CSV, TXT, Excel). Dockit Metadata Extractor tool extracts the metadata associated with the file and writes them in the metadata file along with the full path of the file.

Dockit File share Metadata Extractor allows you to extract file properties that are specific to the file extension. For example, Dockit provides almost 30+ properties for PDF file format alone. Dockit enumerates folders and sub-folders and generates metadata for all the files available underneath them.


Select File share Metadata Extractor from Tools menu of Dockit main screen.



The File share Metadata Extractor dialog appears as shown below:


Specify a valid file system folder location in the Source Folder Location textbox. You can specify a Mapped Network location / Network Shares / local hard disk drive location in the textbox. Click Browse button to select the required folder using Browse For Folder dialog.

The Browse For Folder dialog will be shown as below:


Upon selecting required source folder, click OK to add it for extraction.


Select the Export Option and File Properties to be extracted from the files as shown below:



Click Run to commence extraction process. Once File share Metadata Extractor completes its job, it enables you to view the metadata file right away as below.