Reschedule Task

Use this tool to Reschedule Task in Windows Task Scheduler interface to automatically run the import tasks at scheduled intervals.

This tool helps you to re-create the Windows Schedule Task in the following two scenarios:

  • To Reschedule that Task that was accidentally deleted and is required to be created again with the same schedule settings
  • To Reschedule Task when the Dockit import tasks are migrated from an old computer to a new computer

Select a task from the Task List


If Dockit has enough information about the required Windows Schedule Task, the Reschedule Task option will be enabled.

Select  Reschedule Task from Home menu of Dockit main screen



In Create Windows Task dialog, specify a Run As account and Password and Click OK to create a new schedule task with the same schedule settings that was previously saved by Dockit Import Task Wizard.

Schedule: To create a Windows scheduled task. Dockit will create a schedule task in the Windows Scheduled Tasks with the given settings.