Pre-migration Validation 

Pre-migration Validation tool helps you validate the exact steps performed by Dockit during the import process. This tool does not import any files to the destination location. Most common errors can be identified by using this tool. You may run the Pre-migration Validation tool when there are any changes to import task settings or any SharePoint settings to ensure correctness.


The Pre-migration Validation step in the Dockit Task Wizard appears as shown below:


Click Start Validation button to invoke the Pre-migration Validation tool.


The SharePoint Login Dialog to connect to SharePoint will appear as shown below. Enter a valid user credential to connect to SharePoint.

For Federated authentication (Web Single Sign-on) credential based import task. The Web Login Dialog to connect to SharePoint will appear as shown below:


You will notice a task progress bar in a new window as shown below.


Once the Pre-migration validation is complete, View Results button will be enabled (as shown below). Click View Results button to view the Pre-migration validation test results.


The Task Validation Results dialog will appear as shown below.

- Refers the items that succeeded during pre-validation.

- Refers the items that failed the test during pre-validation.

  Checks performed by Pre-migration Validation tool

Dockit performs the following checks during the Pre-migration validation process:

  • source and target locations are accessible in the given user context
  • file/folder names validity, including their length
  • all specified columns in the application are available in the target library
  • user columns, date columns, managed metadata columns, multi-choice columns etc. have proper syntax in the metadata file or any other source.
  • all mandatory columns have values or default values
  • given import condition syntax is correct by applying the query and validating the results
  • checks all function builder functions to validate results
  • given Permission Levels exist in the target site
  • file extension is blocked in target web application (applicable only if the Dockit Server Agent installed in target SharePoint servers 2010 and 2013)
  • duplicate columns in target list / library with same title (may be available from two different content types)
  • given value is available in target location for the below column types
    • Look-up columns - Checks for the reference lists, reference values
    • Managed Metadata - Checks for the term that matches the given value
    • User / Group - Check whether the user / group available in target location
    • Choice - Check whether the given value available under choice list
Limitations of Pre-migration Validation tool

The Pre-migration validation check and the actual import results may vary in certain circumstances. The Pre-migration Validation Tool does not perform a few checks as the checks may either slowdown the validation process or a few errors will occur only when performing an actual live transfer. Please note the following additional information about the Pre-migration Validation tool:

  1. It is sufficient for the given user credential to have read permissions in the destination library for the Pre-migration validation tool to execute. The Pre-migration validation tool does not check for other permissions that may be required for the import task to run successfully.
  2. File level security permissions are not checked in the Pre-migration validation.
  3. The Pre-migration validation tool does not verify if the give user credentials can perform check-in / cancel check-out operations on an existing document.
  4. The final document status requested in the task settings is not verified in the Pre-migration validation process.
  5. Document import may fail due to automatic propagation of file properties during a live transfer to SharePoint and the Pre-migration validation does not have the ability to trap such related errors.
  6. When a particular folder location does not exist in the destination location and is expected to be created as a new folder using the batch descriptor line item entry, the Pre-migration validation tool may report any sub-folder under the new folder to be a non-existent folder location. You can safely ignore this error message.
  7. List validation rules are not checked in the Pre-migration validation as this SharePoint validation error message is reported only at the time of live import to SharePoint.