Post Archive Actions 

This page allows you to specify the Post Archive Actions to be applied by Dockit 365 Archiver when archiving SharePoint Objects to the destination location.

1. The Post Archive Actions page will appear as shown below:


Select any one of the following post archive actions given below:

  1. No action to be taken - No action will be taken, once the archive job is complete.
  2. Delete all items in source after archive job is complete - Deletes the SharePoint objects that are archived. This option will delete all files in the source library permanently and you won’t be able to retrieve these items from the Recycle Bin.
  3. Make all items in source as read-only after archive job is complete - The SharePoint objects that are added for archive will be marked as Read-only objects by altering their permissions. Any sub-scopes that are created underneath SharePoint sites or libraries will be automatically set to inherit parent permissions. For example, any unique permissions defined for documents and folders underneath source SharePoint library will be changed to inherited permissions.

    Note :This option will be enabled only when Archive everything option is selected in the Archive Condition settings.

Click > to proceed.