How to generate GPO Change Reports?

The GPO Change Reports feature allows you to report all the changes made to your Group Policy Objects (GPO) since the last time a tracking was done by the application. Tracking is a process where all changes made to your Group Policy Objects in Active Directory are detected and synchronized with the application database. ADChangeTracker will maintain all the timestamps corresponding to the changes detected during tracking. Based on the timestamps listed in the left treeview of Change History report window, you can view the changes for a specific date and time.

To launch 'GPO Change Reports' window, click menu in the toolbar. The 'GPO Change Reports' window will appear as shown below:
Select and expand the root node in the left pane of the newly launched report window. 

You can also click Show All Changes, Only Added, Only Modified, Only Deleted tabs to view the list of all GPO changes, added, edited and deleted changes.